Samsung teams up with Decentraland

Samsung teams up with Decentraland for its new flagship 837 store in the metaverse

Samsung teams up with Decentraland for its new flagship 837 store in the metaverse. This virtual store of Samsung will open in Decntraland for a limited time.

Metaverse is going to change the world we see today. The big institutions are going all in the world of the metaverse. Recently, the social media giant changed its name from Facebook to Meta. This is the craze of the virtual world that is attracting these big institutes. Samsung stepped into the NFT space now the electronic giant is going towards Metaverse. Ethereum based-virtual reality platform, Decentraland, and Samsung have partnered up to venture into Metaverse.

Samsung teams up with Decentraland:

Samsung teams up with Decentraland to open a virtual version of its flagship 837 store. The Physical store is located in the Manhattan district of New York. This virtual store of the electronic giant will remain open for a limited time. The announcement from Samsung detailed:

This is one of the largest brand land takeovers in the history of Decentraland.

Samsung teams up with Decentraland

Samsung teams up with Decentraland to offer digital venture through connectivity Theater and Sustainability and Forest. A musical celebration at the Customization stage will also be provided to the consumer.

Samsung teams up with Decentraland

The Connectivity Theater will showcase Samsung’s news from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which began on January 5 and will run until January 8. The Sustainability Forest will allow guests to have a mythical experience through millions of digital trees. The electronic giant has also been planting in the physical world. Cardano and Samsung partnered up to manage the planting of 2 million trees in Madagascar.

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