Robinhood has started the testing of its new crypto wallets by allowing 1k users

Crypto exchange Robinhood has started the testing of its new crypto wallets by allowing 1000 customers to use the services. The firm has explained that users can send and receive crypto through its wallet. 10k customers will be testing the wallets by March and then further waitlist will enjoy these services.

Robinhood has started the testing of its new crypto wallets:

The crypto exchange Robinhood has been working on their wallets for quite a long time now. A month ago, the firm revealed that 1.6 million people have already signed up for its crypto wallets. The exchange has started the testing of its much-awaited crypto wallets. On Thursday, the platform announced that the crypto wallets beta program is live now. The announcement further detailed that only 1000 customers will enjoy the services in this first testing phase. Firm explained:

Starting today, we’ll begin rolling out crypto wallets to 1,000 customers from the top of the wallets waitlist (subject to owning an external wallet for testing and some safety checks).

The second testing phase will begin in March of this year. In the second phase company wants to allow 10k more users. In the final stage, the rest of 1.6 million will be able to avail of this service. The company explained that in the beta testing phase, its customers can send and receive their cryptocurrencies from Robinhood to external crypto wallets. There is a daily limit of $2,999 in total withdrawals and 10 transactions for beta testers.

Robinhood has started

Robinhood has started the testing of its new crypto wallets and in this phase, the firm plans to finalize the send and receive flows, add delightful QR scanning experiences, improve the transaction history interface, and add block explorer support to provide more insights into their on-chain transactions.”

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