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Quick Buck Presale is live

Quick Buck is a multi-chain access and multi-stable coin reflection project that offers massive trade or investment possibilities for all types of investors. The presale is live now. 

As a multi-blockchain platform, we churn out high volume that will benefit token holders by providing consistent passive income. 

We’ve built a first of its kind utility that will bring early stage startups and investors together. So, it’s a win-win situation for all investors and early-stage project partners.

As a fully decentralized platform that’s owned entirely by its fun, vibrant and extraordinary community, we are obliged to build a web3 platform where we will present different outstanding ideas and teams to our holders. These stakeholders get premium access to decide and vote on what we will support and invest in. 

They will contribute to this particular project with seed investment. And also help to achieve the goal of the whole program by convincing their contacts to set up their project with us.

Here are some of the most prominent passive income streams that Quick Buck offers?

  • High stable coin reflection for whoever holds more than 50k QBK Or 100 dollars worth. The token’s amount will be adjusted frequently so that it’s to be within the 100-dollar mark. 
  • High APY/APR staking pools
  • Vip Staking pools
  • LP farming
  • Cross chain LP farming
  • Arbitrage trades in Quick Buck ecosystem
  • Revenue Airdrops from our startup partners
  • NFT reflections

Additionally, we will build a few dapps into the portal which will facilitate private sales of that particular project and other tools we need for an easy and successful launch. We will do a German-style vetting with our future partners, and we will be active in the management of those projects. 

In this way, we guarantee max. Security for the most unsecure investments but with highest return rates.

To participate, please visit:


To celebrate our upcoming BSC launch, we’re having an airdrop for everyone who is ready to begin their multi-chain journey.

If you’d like to participate and stand a chance to win Quick Buck Whitelist spots, Quick Buck VIP pool access, BUSD coins, and Quick Buck tokens, please visit this website and follow the instructions: https://gleam.io/wgUxF/quick-buck-airdrop

Aside from our fair launch and airdrop events, we have a meme competition coming up (more details will be provided soon).

And also, we’ve got some big plans for NFT reflection with our multi-functional NFTs, which can be integrated into the metaverse or a marketplace for cross-chain NFTs.

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