Quick Buck Decentralized Multi-Chain: Think, Trade, And Earn Passive Income Outside the Box


Quick Buck is a multi-chain and multi-stable coin reflection project combined with an innovative and first-of-its-kind utility. It is governed by DAO and deals specifically with startups and their early-stage funding processes.

Blockchain experts believe that a multi-chain approach is a way to go and it doesn’t seem like we have too many alternatives to fall back on. Last year, the global blockchain technology market was valued at $6.92 million and it’s expected to reach $162.84 million by 2027. Clearly, the industry is growing at a tremendous pace and it’s rubbing off on the whole ecosystem.

Cryptocurrencies are evolving from being at the backwaters of the discussion table to dominating the mainstream media and getting the attention of institutional investors and individuals. 

However, this newly found popularity and increased adoption have created some sort of dilemma. Since more people are constantly using the technology, we’ve seen an increase in demand for blockchain-based services and solutions, which most times lead to a congested network.

Thankfully, it’s a solvable problem. Innovations like parachains, bridges, multi-chain platforms, and other scaling solutions can be used to fix this problem. Multi-chain, in particular, is very useful in this regard. It allows investors to trade the same token or project across several blockchains without any limitations. In a multi-chain set up the project which usually is based only on one chain will be split up in fractions and deployed on different blockchains. Step in Quick Buck.

What Is Quick Buck?


As one of the leading cross-chain platforms around, Quick Buck gives you the luxury to think and trade outside the box with ease. But more importantly, you also get a chance to earn steady bucks as well because aside from linking different blockchain platforms, Quick Buck goes above and beyond to offer passive income streams through different techniques such as staking, high stable coin reflection, and farming. 

The idea is to create an innovative and vibrant community of token holders that will actively participate in the decision-making of the project. And in return, they will be rewarded through the different passive income streams that we mentioned earlier. So, basically, there’s something for everyone involved, from the investors to the partners.


A – Innovation

Quick Buck hopes to introduce a few first-of-its-kind products to the market, and we will continue to develop our products to German perfection. Through the innovative character of our products, we will always be a little ahead and aim to stay there for as long as possible. 

B – Conservative Project Economy

We will finance our passive income streams through conservative investment and revenue strategies; we are NOT a project that will endlessly mint new tokens forever new rewards. On top of that, we will use surplus revenue for buybacks and buyback burns in order to reach a hyper deflationary status

C – Multi-Chain

Since the foundation of our project is hinged on providing passive income streams, on volume rather than price movements, we decided to build our project more visible in the Dex sector. Our volume will reach through multi-blockchain launches and cross-chain interaction. Here we can bring the best of all major blockchains together and combine the different communities into one. Together we are stronger! 

D – Partnerships

Our utility deals with startups and we aim to promote greater NFTs adoption with real life use cases. All this will be achieved through a strong partnership program. 

We’ve already partnered with projects like InfiniteOne and their huge partner pool, as well as with farmageddon and Autobahn, along with other PRE LAUNCH projects. We believe strongly that this gives us a solid foundation.

E – Market Integration 

We aim to build innovative products around our first-of-its-kind utility and our planned multi-functionality NFTs as well as their respected staking pools. But what is an outstanding product without a market?

We will use our partnerships to set up new use cases for our utilities. 

F – Premium Flexibility 

All of the aforementioned features help Quick Buck achieve what no other project has managed to achieve.

Of course, blockchain, NFTs, and the metaverse, all work hand in hand – but no other platform is able to combine and integrate them across multiple platforms like Quick Bucks does.

Beginning from the revolutionary never-seen-before products that will be introduce to the multi-functional NFTs that will be supplied in multiple blockchains and the incoming Web3 startup platform – all these combined gives the Quick Buck platform premium flexibility that cannot be matched by any other multi-chain project.

How To Earn With Quick Buck

Quick Buck aims to build multiple revenue streams that will boost the Quick Buck staking pools and project utility thus organically growing the value of the token

With this model, we can guarantee a hyper deflationary project and avoid an inflationary situation as it is with most passive income projects. This means as long as demand exists, the token’s value will rise as well.

Our passive income stream includes:

  • Start ups revenues due to seed investment returns
  • Web3 portal with included Dapps, creating continued revenues in Form of gas fees Multiple network bridges revenue
  • We earn on any cross-chain convention
  • Merchandise shop revenue
  • Node accumulation revenue
  • Sponsorship revenue
  • NFT minting revenue
  • NFT rental income through Metaverse partnerships

How Secure Is It?

The Quick Buck platform is a safe investment opportunity with a maximum guarantee that the funds and interests of everyone involved are protected 100%. 

We will employ a German-style vetting procedure to select our partners, and all our other activities will be transparent as well.

Quick Buck Multi-Functional NFTs

One trendsetting utility we are developing is our multi-functional NFTs, which investors will be able to stake in our pools. 

It will include features like reflections, earn mechanism or other functionality for metaverse and P2E (Play to earn) integration. 

The long-term goal is to give these assets a real-life use case as well. But that’s still in the early planning stages. 

Quick Buck will aim to secure partnerships for different integrations. The focus, however, would be to collaborate with projects that are specialists in their field to guarantee a clear advantage over the rest of the market. 

Quick Buck would be the first platform to offer a variety of use cases for multi-functional NFTs. It would be customized but still mainstream enough to make it a trend. Quick Buck hopes that this initiative as well as its innovative ideas and partnerships will help to further drive crypto adoption forward. 

There are a number of rewards available on the Quick Buck NFT platform; this includes stable coin reflections, NFT shares, or any other customized rewards.

Quick Buck Presale Is live Now

To participate, please visit:


Quick Buck Airdrop

To celebrate its upcoming BSC launch, Quick Buck is hosting an airdrop for everyone who is ready to begin their multi-chain journey.

There’s a chance to win Quick Buck Whitelist spots, Quick Buck VIP pool access, BUSD coins as well as Quick Buck tokens.

Breakdown of airdrop:
  • 3 whitelist spots,
  •  3 VIP staking pool entries
  •  4 x 500 dollar in BUSD 
  • Small airdrop to all participants.

To participate, all you need to do is to complete the missions below: 

  1. Join Quick Buck on Telegram: https://t.me/quick_buck_official 
  1. Join Quick Buck Telegram Channel: https://t.me/quick_buck_channel 
  1. Follow Quick Buck Twitter: https://twitter.com/quickbuck22 
  1. Like and Retweet pinned tweet and tag 3 of your best friends, family and colleges, use #QuickBuck in your post! 
  1. Follow Quick Buck Facebook Fanpage: https://Facebook.com/quickbuck22 
  1. Subscribe and share Quick Buck YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCTVRIX5-sctNUDXtWqvPTFg
  1. Subscribe to the Quick Buck email service at: https://quickbuck.io 

Winners will be announced on our social media channels and prizes will be airdropped to all winners after the event. 

NB: Quick Buck is SOLELY responsible for the selection and distribution of assets to the winners, which will occur after the close of the airdrop period.


10% – BUSD Reflections

10% – of all transactions (buys/sells) will be auto distributed as reflections to all holders, holding a minimum of 50,000 QBK. We will build a Dapp dashboard to be transparent to the bone

4% – Product Development

4% – of all transactions (buys/sells) are allocated to fund the product development as Dapps, web design, partnership pools, and start-up investments.

4% – Marketing

4% – of all transactions (buys/sells) are allocated to fund the marketing and development of revenue streams for the project.

4% – Auto Liquidity Pool

4% of all transactions (buy/sales) contribute towards automatically generating liquidity. This helps to build stability in the price in long run and ensures buy and sell trade can be completed


Stage 1 Q4-2021

  • Brainstorming
  • Concept initialized

Stage 2 Q1-2022

  • Contract development
  • KYC
  • Website and social media launch · Private sale
  • Whitepaper and website release · First Marketing push
  • Social media marketing
  • Ask Me Anything (AMA)
  • Airdrop and referral program

Stage 3 Q2-2022

  • 10% Burn before launch
  • Pancakeswap public launch
  • Dapp development
  • Dashboard development
  • Multi functionality NFT development · NFT staking pool development
  • Home own cross chain swap development
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Building cross chain bridges
  • Partnership development
  • Listing in tokentrackers as CMC, CG, crypto.com, coinbase and others
  • Stage 4 Q3-2022
  • Regular development updates on weekly bases
  • Node purchase and accumulation
  • CMC Airdrop
  • Cross chain start (migration and multi launch to BSC, ETH, MATIC, FTM and AVAX) · Home own staking pools live
  • VIP pools live
  • Different community activities

Stage 4 Q3-2022

  • Regular development updates on weekly bases
  • Node purchase and accumulation
  • CMC Airdrop
  • Cross-chain start (migration and multi-launch to BSC, ETH, MATIC, FTM, and AVAX)
  • Home own staking pools live
  • VIP pools live
  • Different community activities

Stage 5 Q3-2022

  • Project revenue investment (Merchandise store) Multi-functional NFTs live
  • NFT staking live
  • Cross chain swap live
  • Utility portal live
  • Utility Dapps live
  • Selection of first start up ideas through DAO portal
  • Huge CMC Airdrop
  • Big marketing campaigns, wallpaper, tech news, celebrities, huge call groups, etc.
  • Sponsorship program
  • Special partnership announcement, NFT integration in the Metaverse 
  • NFT rental
  • NFT marketplace development
  • First Dex listing
  • Total stable coin reflection paid to our holders surpasses one million dollar

Stage 6 Q4-2022

  • First start-up project live
  • NFT marketplace live
  • Customized multifunctional NFT integration into Metaverse
  • First hackathon event
  • Cross chain Education Program
  • Total reflection paid to our holders surpasses two million dollar 
  • Twitter and telegram surpass 50k members
  • Tier two DEX listing
  • Christmas giveaways
  • Year End CMC Airdrop
  • Q1-4 2023 TBA

To join our community and get more information on Quick Buck, visit: 

Website | Twitter | Facebook |

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