Prodigal Dogecoin founder, Bill Markus, returns to the fold

One of the founding fathers of Dogecoin, Bill Markus, who abandoned the project in its early days has become the latest investor to pump money into the meme coin.

Markus vacated the digital currency space eight years ago and even vowed never to invest in it again.

Little did he know that he would be dragged back into the industry by the same token he co-created and abandoned.


“I bought dogecoin after 8 years of vowing never to buy crypto again, an hour ago.

“I have checked the price 7 times so far since then. I was up 10% and now it’s back to up 3%.

“Anyway, this seems healthy.” Markus posted on Twitter.

In 2013, Bill Markus and his friend Palmer formed the idea of Dogecoin.

But unfortunately, they were not patient enough to see it through as they liquidated their positions.

They created it as a joke coin and it was supposed to remain that way, well, until it blew up in our faces.

Markus claims he sold his Dogecoin due to financial difficulties only to end up buying a used Honda Civic car with the proceeds.

Imagine how much he would have made if he sold it during the market bo earlier this year.

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