Prince Philip Of Serbia Calms Rumors Of Arab Country Bitcoin Adaptation

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Prince Philip Karađorđević, known as Philip Karageorgevitch in English, placated rumors that an Arab country would “soon” adopt Bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender. In an interview Philip delivered from Serbia, the Prince Philip explained that Bitcoin adoption is an inevitability for all countries.

As a result of the thesis he first shared on a Bitcoin podcast, some news sources commented. Most of the comments were about that arab countries would adopt Bitcoin.

However, as a Bitcoin believer Philip, he actually said that Bitcoin is an inevitability not only for the Arab country, for all countries.

It’s definitely going to happen. But I don’t know which country or who is going to do it where or anything like that, but it’s bound to happen. Every country will eventually adopt Bitcoin.

Halal Or Not

Prince Philip
Halal Or Haram

The Prince Philip shared that Bitcoin is an excellent fit for Muslim countries because “it makes perfect Sharia money.” Islamic law, known as Sharia, is based on Quran teachings and dictates whether something is permissible (halal) or illegal (haram). In the case of money, Philip would argue that Bitcoin is, in fact, halal and a perfect form of Islamic finance:

It’s only a matter of time before a Muslim country that follows Sharia law would have to adopt it. Some people grab that and make it as a selling item, saying that of course, if a Prince Philip knows it, that some Arab or Muslim country is going to adopt Bitcoin soon, then it’s going to happen.

Prince Philip is technically the prince of Serbia and Yugoslavia because when the monarchy was abolished, Serbia as a country had not been created. “But today, obviously, Yugoslavia doesn’t exist. And since we are Serbian origin, then it’s of Serbia,” Philip clarified.


Philip said that Bitcoin is freedom and this is something I want for everyone in Bitcoin program in March this year.

Prince Philip

There are certain benefits to Serbia adopting Bitcoin, the Prince Philip notes:

There’s a lot of Serbs around the world. It’s a huge diaspora. I think the biggest concentration or the biggest diaspora is in Canada, then Chicago.

It seems convincing for them to send money with Bitcoin for 500,000 serbs living outside Serbia and sending money to their country regularly. Considering Bitcoin’s P2P nature and unblockable means of sending, it can support the Serbian economy of Bitcoin.

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