Press Release: Metastake Finance plans launch on PancakeSwap

MetaStake Finance, is a yield farming protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain providing a
way to earn META token through our staking pools which boast of amazing APY offerings.
Binance Smart Chain, one of the world’s fastest and most efficient blockchains, has grown to
become one of the significant hubs of blockchain innovation due to its fast transaction speed,
ease of use, and low gas fees. As a result, Metastake Finance a farming protocol built on
Binance Smart Chain, is set to launch and disrupt the DEX sector with innovative and appealing
Metastake Finance launch around December 26th
, 2021, with no presale or pre-mine for
developers to promote transparency and fairness. From December 26th, 2021, the native
token, $META, a BSC-20 standard type of token, will be available for purchase
on PancakeSwap.
The vault is an essential feature of Metastake Finance, that distinguishes it from other AMMs.
The vault manages all of the farm’s deposited assets, and the vault’s proceeds are used to buy
back and destroy $META to increase liquidity on Metastake Finance. Staking pools with good
APY offerings, There is also a variety of pools available which makes it possible to participate
based on the token you hold.
MetaStake Finance also has an anti-whale security measure in place, with transactions
exceeding 1% of total supply automatically rejected. As total supply grows, the ratio will be
reduced via Meta smart contract.
MetaStake Finance aims to lead the next generation of yield farms and AMM on the Binance
Smart Chain by introducing a novel harvest lockup mechanism. Metastake harvest lockup is a
unique rewards lockup mechanism designed to limit the harvest frequency and prevent
farming arbitrage bots from pumping and dumping to avoid the classic pump and dump
mechanism prevalent in today’s cryptocurrency world.
Metastake Finance appears to have worked on exciting features for the DeFi community and
will also be launching an airdrop campaign to reward the StarFarm Finance community. If you
want to learn more about Metastake Finance, you can contact them via:

Follow on Twitter: www.twitter.com/MetaStakeFi 
Join Telegram group: https://t.me/MetaStakeFinance 
Join Announcement Channel:https://t.me/MetaStakeFinanceANN 
Website: https://metastakefinance.com/ 
Docs: https://the-docs.gitbook.io/meta-stake-finance./ 

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