Polkacity has announced its partnership with readyplayer.me. Through this collaboration, Polkacity will combine the game, website and app of readyplayer.me, which will enable players to take the same avatar to different metaverses.

Furthermore, avatars from readyplayer.me will also be qualified for use on the ecosystem of Polkacity.

The partnership between Polkacity and readyplayer.me enables players to visit more than 2250 applications as well as games with the same Polkacity avatar.

Readyplayer.me, through this collaboration will enlarge the exposure of Polkacity to a large ecosystem. It will further increase the gaming and metaverse expectations across various platforms for Polkacity.

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Carmelo, the Chief Executive Officer of Polkacity, showed his excitement over the collaboration stating that Readyplayer.me and Polkacity were working towards bringing together all metaverses for an efficient experience. Carmelo further started that Polkacity and Readyplayer.me share the same goal for the metaverse.

Players that show interest in designing their avatars can visit the official website with their selfies or a photo in their drive. The selfie should be uploaded for the system to create an avatar. Once it is created, the base avatar can be used to apply more mods like faces, eyes, hair, ear,and also accessories.

Polkacity has drawn a roadmap into the future as well. In future, Polkacity plans to enable its players to make use of the customized avatar in its upcoming mobile identity management app. Members of the community will be allowed to mint NFTs for other metaverse avatars.

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