PitJupiter Project Review: Anti-Whale De-Fi Community Token

Created by an anonymous developer, PitJupiter is a real Community Driven and Unruggable token with an extra smart anti-whale algorithm. PitJupiter is not backed by any intuition but a community to lead the project providing it sustainable organic growth.


Contract Information:

Contract Name:


Contract Adress:


Contract Owner:

No Owner (Renounced, Dead Address)


PitJupiter is an Anti-Whale De-Fi and rewarding Token which aims to build a ‘dump and pump proof’ environment by growing organically by the HOLDERS. No single person has a monopoly on the Token and it is solely controlled by the gradually growing community around, the globe. The Token has a total supply of 100,000,000,000,000,000 PITJUPITER and 5,827 addresses are holding the tokens with 17,722 transfers as shown on BSCSCAN.

PitJupiter adds a new meaning to “community token” as it has no owners so no one has the access to change the contract specification making it impossible to access the liquidity stored in the contract hence zero chances of rug pull. The Token takes the Anti-Whale algorithm to the next level as the Token supply is distributed evenly and no wallets hold more than 1.5% of the current supply. Also, they have a smart limit of 500. token amount transaction limit so to avoid big dumps.


Key Features:

  • Anti-Whale
  • Community Driven
  • Unruggable (No Owner)
  • Redistributed Token


The cryptocurrency world is very promising yet has a lot of risks given its high volatility. Usually, it happens that big whales and groups pump the price of newly launched coins and tokens having low liquidity. The Whales then short those causing huge dumps.

PitJupiter has this amazing anti-whale mechanism to defy this challenge.

The risk factor is higher when:

  1. Very Few addresses have most of the tokens (more than 3%)
  2. There are no transaction limits

PitJupiter tackles both by evenly distributing the supply among the community so that no alone wallet can hold more than 1.5% of the total supply, and there is a transaction limit of 500. token amount worth 3000$ at current liquidity levels.


Contract Ownership Renounced (Dead Address)
Fee Distribution 4% (2% reflected to holder and 2% transferred to a burn address
Total Supply: 100,000,000,000,000,000 (50% supply has burned after contract development)


Future Road Map:

PitJupiter has a long-sighted community for its organic growth and the team has following a road map to follow in the coming years and more.

Q1 2021: (Completed)

  • Successful Initial Launch
  • Renounce ownership
  • Grow Community
  • Marketing campaigns
  • White Paper and Website Launch
  • LP Burning

Q2 2021:

  • CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap Listing
  • Road Map Review
  • Public Audit
  • First Exchanges Listing
  • Community Governance
  • Fundraising for Marketing
  • Team Expansion

Q3 2021:

  • New Exchanges and Merchandising Shops
  • Propose Project Ideas to Community
  • Offer Unique and Original NFT Exchange Validated by Community

Q4 2021:

  • Begin Architecting NFT exchange
  • Propose More Community based Projects

Closing Remarks:

PitJupiter is a new revolutionary coin that has the potential to grow exponentially. The token promises huge future gains and rewards 2% on each transaction to its holders. PitJupiter is a De-Fi, community-driven, anti-whale and rewarding token. Currently available in PancakeSwap to buy at minimum transaction fees. If you’re an investor and looking forward to picking a new project with heavy returns and holding rewards, PitJupiter is a perfect pick.

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