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Origin Thread Blockchain-Backed Unique Clothing Launches on Cardano Firstly (Bagru/Shirt/01)

A new clothing line, Origin Thread, has leveraged Cardano to launch blockchain-backed clothing. 

According to Origin Thread, people who purchase the clothes, Bagru/Shirt/01 (name of shirt), can scan the UFC tag on the shirt to watch a video of how it was produced. 

the aim of the concept is to ensure that customers can buy original, quality and real clothes from manufacturers.

Origin Thread said in an announcement today :

“Cardano’s first blockchain-backed clothing. Scan the NFC tag on your shirt and view a video of its creation and fully transparent, on-chain sourcing information. The future of clothing is on sale now,”

Cardano’s first blockchain backed clothing.

Scan the NFC tag on your shirt and view a video of its creation and fully transparent, on-chain sourcing information.

The future of clothing is on sale now.https://t.co/8XzmNvWGhQ#cardano #nft #sustainableFashion pic.twitter.com/iLYnCmhk25

OriginThread (@OriginThread) July 27, 2022

Details of the Shirt

The Origin Thread shirt is made with 100% organic cotton. The price for each shirt goes for $200, and customers can have the item delivered to them worldwide at zero cost. It is admirable that they offer free shipping all over the world.

Origin Thread

According to information about the Bagru/Shirt/01, the cloth will be sewn in England and hand printed using a traditional craft process in India. Origin Thread shirts will be limited to 60 pieces for now. The team said they will distribute 35 of them to ORIGIN token holders and the remaining 25 to the public.

The Bagru shirt sales for ORIGIN token holders started on July 15, 2022, while the public sale commenced on July 18, 2022. The price of the shirt may be considered expensive for many people. However, the shirt comes with its own unique peck – granting buyers access to owning a non-fungible token. If we add the free shipping service to this, the price is understandable.

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“The NFT is accessed by scanning the combined QR code and NFC tag identifier,” Origin Threads noted. 

How to Buy the The Origin Thread shirt

Customers will be required to make payment for the shirt in ADA via the NFT-MKR payment gateway. After paying for the shirt, the user will have to verify ownership of the cloth by inputting the wallet address used to transfer the fund. 

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