Opera Crypto Browser Now Available To iPhone And iPad Users

Opera unveiled a beta version of its Web3 browser with an in-built crypto wallet for iOS devices, iPhone, and iPad. However, Opera’s crypto browser has since been available for Mac and Windows desktop users and Android mobile users since January. This mobile release is the most current step in its Crypto Browser Project, which is a Web3 initiative aimed at facilitating navigation across decentralized applications (DApp), games, and also metaverse platforms.

The company stated that the main features include the Opera Wallet, which supports Polygon, Ethereum, and Celo ecosystems to trade tokens. The users can also renew any Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible wallet with the native Opera wallet and blend their existing assets and balances.

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The latest top NFT sales and a news aggregator called “Crypto Corner” can be seen on the browser’s homepage. Users can see live updates about crypto asset price and gas fees and also airdrops. It features even suggested educational resources.

According to the company, the browser comes with a cryptocurrency mining protector that is used to block “cryptojacking” scripts that may interfere with the performance of an iPhone or iPad device. It also includes other security features like a native ad and tracker blocker, pop-up blocker as well as an intuitive Cookie Dialogue Blocker.

Jorgen Arnesen, EVP mobile at opera, the crypto browser, is targeted towards the increased growth interest in Web3, whether from old comers or newcomers. 

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