OpenSea Co-Founder Steps Down to Focus on New Projects

Alex Atallah said he is leaving on good terms and wants to remain on the board of directors at OpenSea.

Following a fulfilling tenure at OpenSea, Alex Atallah – one of the co-founders of OpenSea – will be stepping down in August in order to focus on new ventures. He announced his decision on Twitter, sharing his letter with the rest of the OpenSea team.

Responsibilities Handed Over to New Arrivals

When OpenSea was still a small company running on tight margins and acute foresight, Atallah assumed a leadership role in multiple internal areas – such as business development, community support, marketing, and so on.

This sort of thing is perfectly normal for startups. It took nearly 3 years for the platform to showcase thousands of artworks, now it has more responsibilities than a small company like before

However, following a staggering uptick in business starting in February of 2021, when NFTs enjoyed a steep rise in popularity, the company began looking for visionaries to assume leadership roles.

Up until recently, his support was still needed in two key roles besides his main role as CTO – namely, Engineering and OpenSea Ventures.

New Beginnings

Following the onboarding of Marko Iskander as the new VP of Engineering and Nadav Hollander as the new CTO, Atallah was relieved of most of his responsibilities.


However , he said he wanted to stay on the opensea board of directors as a consultant.

OpenSea will always be a part of me. I couldn’t possibly stop thinking about the exciting problems we solve every day, even if I tried. Devin has done an incredible job stewarding OpenSea to heights we never predicted. And now that we have all of you, I know I can venture on – with full confidence that you’ll continue building and growing OpenSea in the right direction.

In closing, Alex thanked the whole team for their continued efforts and announced that his last day at OpenSea would be on the 30th of July. Following a well-earned sabbatical month, the OpenSea co-founder plans to dig into new projects with renewed forces.


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