One of the largest NFT Drops will be released at 2021 Fandome by DC Comics

One of the largest NFT Drops will be released by one of the oldest American comic publishers, DC Comics, at Fandome which will be held on October 16, 2021. DC Comics in partnership with Palm NFT will be releasing the NFTs of the characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and Green Lantern.

Non Fungible Tokens are such a fascinating concept as it includes physical objects to the digital world. NFT market is also growing at too much rate than anticipated by anyone. DC publisher is one of the oldest and largest comic book publishers in the world. Comic characters also inspire us and are very popular among people of every age group. DC is planning something very special for its fans and comic lovers on its coming fandome on October 16.

One of the largest NFT Drops to be released on DC Fandome:

DC in collaboration with the Palm NFT platform is going to release “One of the largest NFT Drops” ever. This NFT Drop from the DC will be featuring the NFTs of the most loved character of the publisher like Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, and Superman. The publisher and chief creative officer of DC, Jim Lee, has selected NFT Drop himself to be released on DC’s fandome, according to

One of the largest NFT Drops
Some examples of DC’s NFT

Lee has explained that Palm Blockchain has reduced energy usage by 99.99% compared to the proof of work systems. He further explained that this will be “One of the largest NFT Drops” and it will pay homage to 87 years’ history of DC. In the future, NFTs will play a key role to interact with DC content and in unlocking new experiences.

Last year almost 220 million people saw the Fandome of DC in a little time of 24 hours across 220 countries. One of the largest NFT Drops will be released to the participants to cross last year’s number of participants.

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