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OMG Network remained Bullish despite the devastating market crash

The top ten crypto coins of the market experienced a dip but only one coin, OMG Network, was bullish yesterday. OMG price rallied by 21% in a single day and didn’t take the impact of the market crash.

The volatility of the crypto market is not that much hidden from anyone and a lot of people criticize it. Investors love it when it takes certain coins to the moon profiting them but they hate it when they lose due to it.  Yesterday was one of those days when the whole crypto market crashes.

CoinMarketCap has shared an image of the top ten cryptocurrencies being bearish. The whole market was panicking and most users were using social media to express their thoughts. There is a coin named” OMG Network” which was bullish in the whole market.

OMG Network
Top 10 crypto coins saw a dip
source: CoinMarketCap

OMG Network:

The transactions of Ethereum Blockchain are increased through this Layer-2 scaling, OMG. The release of “Boba Network” is also announced by the foundation behind the development of OMG Network. Boba Network will also have the same capabilities as OMG because it is developed by the same developers.

OMG Network
The Price Chart of OMG

OMG increased by 21% in value over a day where the whole crypto market was in bearish mode. OMG is proving its stability in the situation of such a crash of the market. CTA of Token Metrics, Bill Noble, has tried to explain the situation of the crash by saying that swings in the market are from start and these are going to keep happening, so no need for investors to panic.

Investors who worry a lot about such conditions must invest in the coin like OMG Network. There’s nothing an investor can do in such a situation except wait patiently. For more interesting content please click here.

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