Newsbsc Week in Review: El Salvador embrace Bitcoin, Ruffer and Vitalik Buretin earn huge profits

It’s been a busy week for investors and the industry – from El Salvador to the consequences of the 2021 Bitcoin Conference held in Miami. There has been more than enough for media houses to chew on.

Let’s take a look at the biggest stories this week.

Jack Dorsey owned Square inc set to invest $5m in solar-powered Bitcoin mining project


Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, announced he will be investing $5 million into a Bitcoin Mining project through his other company Square inc. 

UK-based fund manager, Ruffer, made $1bn profit from Bitcoin investment


It was a week of profit declaration – Investment management company, Ruffer, revealed that they made over a billion pounds from a £600 million Bitcoin investment.

Trump says Bitcoin is a scam, wants absolute dollar dominance


Former United States President Donald Trump described Bitcoin as a scam and backed the dollar to become the currency of the world.

Lawmakers pass Bitcoin Legal Tender Bill in El Salvador


The Bitcoin Legal Tender Bill was passed in El Salvador with 62 out of 84 lawmakers voting in its favour.

Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buretin bags $4.3M profit from $25k Dogecoin investment


Vitalik Buretin appeared on Lex Fridman’s podcast where he admitted to earning $4.3 million profit from a $25,000 investment in Dogecoin.

Notable Mentions:

Europol, FBI, others recover Money and Crypto worth $48M from crime syndicates

President Rouhani seeks better awareness and legal framework to guide Crypto transactions in Iran

IMF worried about El Salvador’s Bitcoin adoption

American custodian bank, State Street create Digital finance division

Nigeria set to roll out its CBDC before 2021 runs out

Which story caught your fancy? Kindly let us know in the comment section. 

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