What should be considered when choosing a good NFTs project
What should be considered when choosing a good NFTs project

What should be considered when choosing a good NFTs project?

Hundreds of NFTs and metaverse projects are created every day , these projects create twitter and discord account firstly. They want to build a big community . This is because community is more important than most things in NFTs projects. In this article, I will answer the questions of what is NFTs , where to find NFT projects, where can we follow NFT projects , how can we earn money from NFTs for you to get an idea.

What is NFT ?

NFT stands for a non-fungible token, which means it can neither be replaced nor interchanged because it has unique properties.


You should select the  twitter to do NFT  project research

So, what should we pay attention to while doing research on twitter?

First of all, do not directly rely on the number of followers. What you need to pay attention to is the posts and interactions. There are a lot of scammer projects they buying inorganic followers , their only goal  is to steal your money . To prevent this , Paying attention to the number of likes and RT . For example, if an account with 4 thousand followers gives a giveaway, if there is a maximum of 300 interactions, stay away from the project, it means that they do not have organic followers.

Check out the website : Many projects come with websites, this is a nice plus point for them, but with the development of technology, websites can be established very quickly, copy paste sites, stay away from projects with such websites.

Learn from Discord channels: Almost all NFTs projects have discord channels and most events is happening in here, go to discord channels and try to get in-depth information, read descriptions, talk to moderators, pay attention to the quality and number of conversations in the general chat room, you can learn the size and activity of the community here.

What is the purpose of the project : If the project promises to give you only image , get away immediately . The reason is that now people don’t buy NFTs projects just to have an image, they buy it to be a VIP member of a community, if the project gives special privileges to NFTs holders, like giving tokens, stake rewards, special discord and telegram channels, then you can think get the this NFT of project . That means it’s a nice project.

An example nft project :

Memeland , As we mentioned at the beginning , the community is everything in an NFT project , the bigger the community and the better the quality of the project . It is difficult to create dumps and pumps, it is difficult for your NFT to lose value because the number of requests will be too large. Meme land is project that have huge community.

What is Memeland: Memeland is the first NFT project of 9GAG, I recommend you to read this article if you want to get more detailed information about 9GAG and Memeland. Memeland is project who have huge community.


How do I find Projects on twitter:

You can search for #NFT #Metaverse keywords or browse projects that are followed by major NFT phenomena. And you can benefit from some sites.

You don’t have to do all the research yourself : There are many sites that we mentioned and that researching more details with their employees and algorithms already . They researching all the NFT projects in the market and select the potential ones among them and list them on their own pages. They offer options in categories. They review all the projects in the ETH , CARDANO , AVAX , SOL ,  BSC network and select the valuable ones before you. If you say you don’t have time for detailed research, you can take a look at the upcomingnftlist site, which is one of the sites I use.


I want to have NFT or I have NFT, how can I earn money from NFTs.

First of all, all new projects distribute NFT by whitelist and lottery, getting whitelist is not as easy as it seems. You need to take your time , do the tasks and be active on the discord channels . But don’t worry there are so many way get NFT examples marketplace


Nifty Gateway


Magic Eden

 And more…

Marketplaces have many different features, privileges and disadvantages, you can do a google search or read this article to learn more about this topic.

NOTE : Most of the NFTs are not stable like cryptocurrencies, solid NFT projects have a solid community, do not forget to pay attention to them when choosing NFT.

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