Russia’s Blockchain Voting: Communist party accuse United Russia of foul play

Russia’s first attempt at Blockchain Voting has sparked animosity between the opposition and the ruling party, with the former calling for the election to be nullified.

The Eastern European country tested two online blockchain voting systems during its parliamentary elections last week. Some blockchain technology enthusiasts were hoping that the trial would provide a template and pave the way for future electronic voting, but instead, the result was met by criticism and reports of e-voting tampering.

The elections have also been widely condemned by the European Union and some other powerhouse countries including the US, and UK. 

Domestic critics, on the other hand, have likened the situation to Donald Trump’s opposition to the 2020 Presidential election results. 

“They (the opposition) couldn’t help but sound like Donald Trump and his supporters screaming their frustration as mail-in votes swung one outcome after another,” 

a column on Bloomberg contained
Blockchain voting

The Communist Party claimed that the figures for some centres were manipulated and the general result of the election was mischievously delayed.

“It was originally planned that at 20 o’clock the observers were disconnected from the control over the DEG (online voting system). And in their opinion, everything is fine when the system collapsed from 21 o’clock and showed no signs of life until the morning until they finally posted the results that should have been calculated instantly,” a representative of the Communist Party said.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Havard warned last year that blockchain  voting does not completely eliminate the risks of electoral malpractice as the system is susceptible to hacking.

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