NFT New Platform

NFT New Platform has been launched by the Tech giant Alibaba on August 17

NFT New Platform is being launched by China’s tech giant Alibaba, which will provide more features than existing platforms. People will be able to trade NFT as well as license and sell the Intellectual Property (IP) which is copyrighted by Blockchain technology.

The non-fungible token (NFT) market is expanding exponentially and organizational involvement in this part of Crypto is worth seeing. From sports, art, music, or even quotation of any famous personality can be presented for an auction as NFT. Anything with unique features and characteristics can be presented for an auction. Since the creation of the first NFT back in 2014, this market is attracting a lot of people and currently has a market cap of $25 billion. NFT New Platform is being launched by China’s tech giant, Alibaba.

NFT New Platform
Chart of NFT market cap Courtesy of Forbes.com

NFT New Platform Services

Alibaba, a company with assets of over $257 billion, has been involved with the innovation of crypto and Blockchain for a quite long now. The company has launched its NFT marketplace according to the SCMP (South China Morning Post). Sichuan Blockchain Association Copywrite Committee is operating the “New Copywrite Blockchain” on which the NFTs are minted. The NFT New Platform has different services than the existing platforms.

One of the services by this platform is ”Blockchain Digital Copywrite and Asset-Trade” which allows the creator of content to sell the copyrights of its work. The copyright will be presented by a token and the possessor of that token will be the true owner of that Content. The auction of the product listed will start next month according to the SCMP report.

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