NFT Collector Loses His Net Worth in erroneous NFT sale

An NFT collector identified as DinoDealer has disclosed that he has lost his entire wealth “in a single click” as he laments an erroneous NFT sale.

According to DinoDealer, he had intended to put his Ether Rock NFT up for sale for 444 ETH – which is currently worth a whopping sum of $1.2 million at current exchange rates. However, following a regrettable mistake, he instead listed the NFT for a smaller denomination of ETH – advertising his Ether Rock for 444 WEI

DinoDealer wasn’t quick to notice this mistake and it spelled doom for his portfolio. Before he could realize the error, a bot had snapped up his Ether Rock for only $0.0012 – and made instant offers to sell it back to the marketplace for 234 ETH. 

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DinoDealer lost his Ether Rock NFT piece – which if sold for 234 ETH will result in a decent profit of around $650,000. Sharing the news of his misfortune, the NFT collector wrote on Twitter: 

“In a single click, my entire net worth of $1 million, gone. Is there any hope? Am I GMI? Can snipers show mercy?”

Following his tweet, several other NFT collectors and crypto enthusiasts made their way to the comments section to share their opinions on this huge NFT mishap. Although some spoke with sympathy and encouragement for the victim, others cited more looming risks surrounding the use and sale of NFTs and the dangers of losing one’s entire wealth just by making such a costly error. 

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