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Floyd Mayweather Unveils New NFT Project 

Despite failed projects in the past, Floyd Mayweather is planning to launch a new NFT project. The boxer is well known for boosting crypto projects such as Bored Bunny, EthereumMax, and other failed projects.

On April 13, the retired professional boxer Floyd Mayweather will unveil a new non-fungible project, which he called Mayweverse. According to him, it would offer crypto enthusiasts an estimated collection of 5,000 NFTs which can be minted for 0.3 ETH each.

Coming after the announcement, many users began showing concerns, mostly due to the controversy surrounding Floyd’s track record in the NFT sector. Zachbxt, a renowned on-chain detective, cited on cryptotwitter that it would be irrational for anyone to invest in the program given the amount of NFT rug pulls that the boxer has allegedly been collaborating with.

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Previously, the boxer had launched a series of NFT projects that many users considered as slow rug pulls. The first flop was the Floyd’s World NFT which was launched in August 2021. Around 11,111 collection of tokens was sold at 0.15 ETH per NFT, while the developers made over 1,000 ETH from the minting.

Floyd was also among those involved in the major promotion of Bored NFTs which eventually became a massive rug pull after users recorded a loss of over $20 million.

Aside from NFTs, the boxer has a history of promoting crypto programs. He once promoted an unknown token EthereumMax in 2021, by wearing boxing shorts with its name during a boxing match with Logan Paul.

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