Crypto mining continues in Abkhazia despite Govt’s crackdown

Regulators in Abkhazia seized 6,000 crypto mining equipment this past week but several other illegal miners are undeterred and have continued their operations.

Abkhazia is a breakaway region of Georgia funded by Russia that has maintained de facto independence since 1993.

Residents of the partially recognized state have turned to crypto minting as a way of making ends meet.

This has hampered the country’s capacity to generate enough power for domestic users.

Earlier this year, the government extended its temporary ban on crypto mining until March 2022 but underground illegal miners have continued to mine regardless.

Onslaught against illegal Crypto Mining continues

Crypto mining

President Aslan Bzhania told local reporters that all the major crypto mining farms have been confiscated and the seized equipment kept in a “special warehouse”.

Government sources believe that there is still about 30,000 illegal mining equipment in Abkhazia and officials are keen to go after the operators and bring them to book.

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