Coinbase Announces New Crypto Think Tank.

Coinbase’s new crypto-native think tank has the best advisory board of financial and legal scholars in the United States.

Coinbase has created a “crypto-native think tank.” This institution will publish research on crypto and Web3.

The head of the institution was Hermine Wong. Wong has worked for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, the Division of Economic and Risk Analysis, and the State Department.

It will collaborate with law and finance academics from top universities such as Harvard, MIT, Duke and John Hopkins, and the University of Michigan.

The University of Michigan has published surveys for the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Defense. It will jointly publish an annual US-based survey with Coinbase that measures the adoption of cryptocurrencies and sentiment towards digital assets.

The institute has released the first of a series of “Coinbase Primers”, which are reports describing key issues in crypto.

The first monthly insight report on crypto markets has also been released, comparing crypto and traditional financial market movements.

CEO Brian Armstrong said the blog will be used “to combat misinformation and misidentifications about Coinbase or crypto being shared around the world.”

The crypto exchange had also set up a political action committee in February 2022 before the November 8 midterm elections in the United States. Additionally, Coinbase spent more than $1.3 million on lobbying in 2021.

Coinbase left the Blockchain Association, the crypto industry’s largest lobby group, in August 2020.

The company co-founded the Crypto Council for Innovation with Paradigm in April 2021.

The company’s next move, It will enable the public, policy makers, regulators and academics to better understand the diversity of crypto and its relevance to the overall economy.


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