Brazil’s University of Sao Paulo
Brazil’s University of Sao Paulo

Brazil’s University of Sao Paulo Enters The Metaverse With His Land

The University of São Paulo is partnering with Radio Caca

University of São Paulo (USP) signs agreement with radio caca for different virtual lands.

According to the official information shared by the University of São Paulo; created research programs to understand its inner workings and limitations of the metaverse

In this way, the University of São Paulo became the first Latin American university to enter the metaverse space with Radio Caca.


USM will have its own land in the USM Metaverse

University of São Paulo (USP) said that they will create his own virtual reality center so that university workers and students can interact with each other in the future.

In other words, students will benefit from the privileges offered by the metaverse and will be able to improve themselves. Maybe this event will change some things radically in the future.

In addition to the Unites States of Mars it counts on the support of the University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI), which is sponsored by Ripple.

Radio Caca wants to build an open metaverse for universities

Jeff Watney, CEO of Radio Caca, said that the platform’s goal is for universities and content creators to be able to “build an open metaverse centered on user freedom.”

It is a great honor for us at RACA to have USP, Latin America’s largest public university, inside the USM Metaverse. Together we will build new experiences that can unlock the full potential of Web3 for the people. This is our goal, to build an open metaverse focused on user freedom.

Radio Caca has a large community and the support of renowned companies such as OKX Blockdream Ventures, ConsenSys Mesh’s Tachyon accelerator in addition to its new partner Ripple Labs inc. if it is adopted among large universities worldwide it could beneficial for all students.


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