Blockchain blogging platform Mirror now open to all

A decentralized blogging forum built on Ethereum blockchain, Mirror is now accessible to all.

The platform launched in December 2020 but only creators who rack up enough votes to finish in the top 10 of the weekly WRITE race were allowed to publish.

In a statement released earlier today, Mirror informed the general public writers will no longer have to go through the WRITE race process to access the platform. The open publishing initiative means that anyone with a cryptocurrency wallet and ethereum address can publish content on Mirror.

“Today, we’re opening up decentralized publishing on Mirror to anybody with an Ethereum address. Anyone can connect their wallet and start writing.” The statement read.


Mirror comes with a slew of crypto-influenced features  that differentiates it from other online publishing platforms. All accounts on the platform are hosted on a decentralized open blockchain, as thus, users must log in using their ethereum wallet instead of the popular method (username and password) used by other blogging platforms.

“Mirror has evolved from a tool for writers to a full-stack web3 creative suite for communities and DAOs.”  The press release continued.

Writers cryptographically sign the published contents, which is then stored on a permanent decentralized storage known as Arweave. This prevents the risks of data manipulation by errant service providers or malicious third parties.

Also, writers would be allowed to mint and monetize their articles. Content creators who emerged successful in the WRITE race will enjoy access to some exclusive features such as staking.

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Photo Credit: Mirror | Goldsguide.

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