New BTC tipping feature

New BTC tipping feature of Twitter has been implemented Worldwide

New BTC tipping feature of Twitter has been implemented worldwide for the users of IOS. The Users of Twitter will be able to receive tips more conventionally from holding events, says the team of Twitter.

Jack Dorsey has been supportive of BTC from the first moment. He has been using its Platform to attract people towards a decentralized financial system. Twitter has been trying to launch payment and community products to help its users make the money from the platform through their activity.

New BTC tipping feature:

The rumors of testing tipping through the BTC feature were correct as Twitter has unveiled its “New BTC tipping feature” for the users of IOS. The Support for the android systems will be added very soon.

New BTC tipping feature
New BTC tipping feature user interface
Source: The Verge

The feature includes the support of Lightning Network as Twitter has a larger plan of supporting creators on its platform. The new feature will provide the users with two options. The first is via a menu payment option that has “Square’s Cash App” and “Go Fund Me”. The users will be able to send the BTC in a more conventional way to any Bitcoin address.

The 2nd option is payment via BTC payment application developed on Lightning Network named, Strike. This two-layer service will help to reduce transaction fees and improve the speed of transactions.

With the launch of the “New BTC tipping feature,” Twitter has announced to explore the NFT world for the purpose of authentication. Twitter has provided few details about the Twitter NFT adventure.

New BTC tipping feature
Twitter NFT image shared by Twitter team

The firm has also shared many plans like the expansion of 280 characters limit on tweets and funds to support creators who use spaces. For more content please click here.

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