Most profitable assets on the crypto market at the end of 2021

IntoTheBlock statistics show the most profitable assets on the crypto market at the end of 2021. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and MATIC seem to be the top three digital assets in terms of profitability.

The Crypto data analytics, IntoTheBlock, has revealed a list of the most profitable assets on the crypto market at the end of 2021. profitable assets on the market contain coins with the largest number of wallets that remain in profit compared to their initially opened positions. While the profitability of the asset depends on its performance on the market, it also heavily depends on the average position price opened by traders.

Most profitable assets

Most profitable assets on the crypto market:

Due to the new ATH a few days ago MATIC is at the top with a profitability of 98%. MATIC is followed by Ethereum with 86% profitability and Bitcoin with 82% profitability. Most of the traders and investors of Bitcoin are closing this year in profit. The price of the bitcoin has retraced 26% while other coins have retraced 50-60%. Ethereum is a better performer than Bitcoin, which has retraced only 16%.

While smaller altcoins like Shiba Inu have shown impressive performance during the year, with more than 1000% growth in less than a month, almost half of the individuals holding those assets are either breaking even or are losing money. SHIB has retraced 60% in this bearish cycle of the crypto market.

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