More Australian women adopt crypto – Survey

Cryptocurrency is gaining ground amongst Australian women at a rapid rate. According to a survey by the 2021 Independent Reserve’s Cryptocurrency Index (IRCI) of 2000 natives revealed that the number of women who have been involved in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, whether in the past or present, has risen from 10.3% in 202020% in 2021.

According to the survey, 14.8% of women currently hold bitcoin against 8.3% last year.

“I think that it tells you that investing in crypto is less risky and is just one of many different ways you can invest. I think it’s sort of giving the signal that if a bank thinks it’s okay, then you know it’s a safer place to invest.” Karen Cohen, Deputy Chair for the Board of Blockchain, Australia, told Cointelegraph.

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Cohen believes that the growth in crypto adoption will help lessen the fear factor amongst investors.

“over time, as cryptocurrency investments become more acceptable and mainstream, the perceived risk also reduces.”

“I think that as that happens, you’ll see more and more women enter the market.” He said.

Independent reserve is a centralized crypto exchange based in Australia. 

According to the survey, most women (56.7%) are likely to rely on advice from relatives and friends when making crypto decisions compared to 42.2% of the men surveyed. 

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