Missed Doge

Missed Doge? Get Floki. Floki Inu ads under investigation in the UK

Missed Doge? Get floki. The ads of the crypto token Floki Inu are under investigation in the UK. The ads appeared on the buses and underground. The team of the floki is calling it an attack against crypto and a clear attempt at censorship. Floki’s team says that their ads are legally cleared.

Missed Doge? Get Floki. Floki marketing campaign under investigation

The ads written on the London buses and underground in big, bold letters of Floki have caught the attention of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). ASA is going to investigate the advertisement placed on public transport in London for the cryptocurrency floki inu. FLOKI has both an ERC-20 and BEP-20 token. Floki inu was named after the Tesla boss’s Shiba inu dog. Tesla Boss is known for his support for DOGE.

Missed Doge

The ads features missed doge? Get floki. These big, bold words were written on the public transport of London. The team of floki has presented their side of the story by saying that ads were legally cleared. BBC has shared that they are being told by the floki team that they also have a clear disclaimer about the volatility of crypto.

These ads also include a clear disclaimer highlighting the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

While Transport for London (TFL), the capital’s transport operator, said that there have not been widespread complaints from the public about cryptocurrency advertisements, some politicians in the U.K. have expressed concerns that the TFL should not have approved the ads for floki inu. The team behind the advertisement “missed doge? Get floki” has called this investigation an attack on crypto and people’s freedom of choice.

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