Micheal Dell mulls on Bitcoin, says blockchain technology is “undervalued”

“I think blockchain [technology] is probably underrated. Bitcoin, I’m going to pass on that. I don’t really know.” The billionaire said.

The founder and CEO of Dell Technologies, Michael S.Dell, is quite optimistic about blockchain technology but not bitcoin.

Mr. Dell expressed high hopes for the digital ledger tech, calling it “underrated,” while speaking with The New York Times about his new book “Play Nice but Win: A CEO’s Journey From Founder to Leader,” However, he refused to take a stance on bitcoin.

Blockchain technology

Dell Technologies is one of the biggest providers of computer products and services globally and one of the earliest organizations to adopt digital currencies.

The American multinational tech firm started accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment in 2014 but had to cancel the arrangement in 2017 due to insufficient demand.

Recently, Micheal Dell highlighted artificial intelligence, blockchain tech, and self-driving cars as entities that can potentially boost the company’s revenue.

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Photo Credit: Inc Magazine, Mining Technology.

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