Mexico’s third-richest person promotes Bitcoin in Festive message

Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas Piliego offered a motivational Christmas and New Year message urging people to snub fiat currencies and opt for bitcoin. Pielego, a renowned businessman and bitcoin loyalist, said:  

“Steer clear of fiat money. Whether it’s the Dollar, the Euro, or the Yen –it’s all the same. It’s fake money made of paper lies. Central banks are producing more than ever.” he explained.

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Salinas added: “Don’t be jealous, believe in yourself and buy Bitcoin.”

Ricardo Salinas is the chairman of large business corporation Grupo Salinas, his subsidiary firm Banco Azteca pushed to become the first retail bank to support bitcoin but the idea was rebuffed by Mexico’s central bank.

Alejandro Diaz de Leon emphasized that digital currencies are prohibited in Mexico and cannot be accepted as legal tender. 

“Whoever receives bitcoin in exchange for a good or service, we believe that (transaction) is more akin to bartering because that person is exchanging a good for a good, but not really money for a good.”

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