MetaSwap: A project promising 100x gains

MetaSwap leverages the historical NFT transaction data to provide p2p Swaps over a layer 2 protocol platform. MetaSwap provides P2P swaps, Open Marketplace, Art Forums, and NFT Farming on its platform and stands out as a futuristic project with a very promising ecosystem.


Even if you are not a crypto guy, you must have heard chatter about NFTs on social media. The NFT buzz is taking over the way the art is represented and reshaping the concept of ownership. These NFTs are minted over various blockchains for different gas fees. For the same project being on several different blockchains divides the liquidity and hence increases the chances of whale attack due to the unstable volatilities. this is very popular with cryptocurrencies. For NFTs Swapping to other blockchains can be at advantage like avoiding the higher gas fees. MetaSwap introduces a layer 2 protocol for p2p swaps to address such problems.

MetaSwap is mainly Ethereum based platform as Ethereum is the most widely used blockchain for NFTs. However, you can swap your NFTs to several other blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, WAX, HECO, and more. This enables the users to swap and track their NFTs with just one click. MetaSwap is going to become a leading platform and leave far behind its competitors like nfttrade.com.

The Presale will start on December 15, 2021, at 14:00 UTC and it will be launched officially on December 16, 2021.

Open NFT Marketplace and p2p Swaps:

A marketplace is all about providing the service of buying, selling, and swapping NFTs and that’s what MetaSwap does – but better. You find your favorite NFTs, track history, buy and Swap those to any blockchain you want. The cross-chain swap allows non-native assets to become interoperable on other blockchains. It could be a dominant leading trend for NFT marketplace deployment since it tightens up all networks with one another, coordinating all the favorable attributes and perspectives of every application into a single hub.

With MetaSwap the native NFTs of each chain now acquire the ability to be accessed in one place, bringing additional opportunities to all. For instance, users can swap the native NFTs in Ethereum with BSC, Polygon, Flow, WAX, Cardano, HECO, etc.

With P2P swaps enabled, MetaSwap will be very popular especially with the gaming industry. Blockchain Games are still in their initial phase but worth billions. Not all games are on the same blockchain. So, if a player owns one asset in a game it should be accessible in the other game on a different blockchain as well. So, to help this p2p swaps are introduced where players can swap their NFTs when resolving mutual satisfaction. In addition, the platform provides exclusive benefits to ‘big whales’ who prefer to trade their multi-million-dollar NFTs with extreme rarities instead of only selling them for the cash equivalent.

ART Forum and NFT Farming:

The social feature builds the fun part inside the MetaSwap platform. Through Art Forum, users can interact with fellow collectors and even NFT creators, like remarkable artists, rarely approachable. What is more, in this community, users can share the trending NFT projects and innovative ideas here. In addition, the forum will list top voting projects on investment board. The NFT staking feature is in development phase and users can highly benefit from it in the future.


$MGAS is the native token of MetaSwap which will starting selling at a price of $0.000014. The token is based on various blockchains including Ethereum, Binance and Polygon Blockchains. MetaSwap is a promising platform and the due to their diligence, the price of MGAS will sky rocket in a few days as they have new investors already investing in.

Why MetaSwap is Different

  • Price Estimation:

With the added liquidity, $MGAS will reach the $1 mark in a few years. As the Ecosystem grows, there will be new investors coming. Those who got their hands in their early days will be the ones earning maximum profits.

  • Marketing Campaign:

MetaSwap is still an infant and even then winning praises over social media. Take a look at @luciano_eltirri; @CryptoGraphBSC; @ChadCaff.

  • Security:

MetaSwap team has a long way to go and with the forward-thinking approach, they are making MetaSwap better every day. They are continuously working to get in line with the local laws and KYC is under process.

  • Audit:

Coinscope is very reliable in auditing crypto projects and MetaSwap is corporating with them to bring transparency in the project and to make the project secure and sustainable.

Those who could not buy Bitcoin below $20,000 repent on not following the piece of advice when someone told them to buy in 2018 or before. Leave Bitcoin, there are meme coins that worth pennies in January this year and gained above 1000x till today. MetaSwap is such a project with a potential to rise 100x, more sooner than the coins you heard rising insanely. The roadmap and the team of a project pretty clears about the feature a project will have. I have studied the both very closely, and I personally feel this project will rise exponentially. All it needs is recognition and it will become the hot favorite of NFT holders, Blockchain Game Players and Traders.

Airdrop is Now Available


Airdrop: MetaSwap

Value: 60000 $MGAS

Referral: 20000 $MGAS

Winners: 4000

Audit: TechRate; Coinscope

End Date: 4th January, 2021

Distribution Date: 5th January, 2021

Portal: https://t.co/EP6HtOLd12

MetaSwap is a growing community. To be a part of their community and remain up to date about the news and upcoming sales and events follow their social channels.

Website               https://metaswap.cash/ 

Channel               https://t.me/MetaSwapNetwork_Anns

Telegram             https://t.me/MetaSwapNetwork

Discord                 https://discord.gg/CtPp3qbvSG

Twitter                 https://twitter.com/MetaSwapMGAS

Facebook            https://www.facebook.com/MetaSwapMGAS/

Instagram            https://www.instagram.com/metaswapmgas/

Medium               https://medium.com/@MetaSwapMGAS

GitHub                  https://github.com/MetaSwapDeFi/MetaSwap

OpenSea             https://opensea.io/0x476d0eaec4a9b4eb77f6ca71415bed94e89da090

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