MetaMask is open to airdrop and new token launch

The technical team of MetaMask did their first-ever community call. The project is open to the idea of making this community-owned through the launch of a new token and airdrop, says the senior software engineer Erik Marks.

Early supporters of infamous Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platforms like 1Inch DEX aggregator and Uniswap DEX got the airdrop since the DeFi summer of 2020. These airdrops have been quite lucrative for the user of dApps. Important DeFi tool, MetaMask, was rumored to provide an airdrop. The technical team has cleared these speculations by saying that they are exploring a new token and airdrop for its community.

MetaMask, the most popular wallet for Etherum based apps, has over five million active users monthly. It also provides the facility of swaps which means its users can exchange tokens within the wallet.

source: Consensys

MetaMask Community call:

During the first-ever community call by the wallet’s technical team discussed how they have plans to launch a new token and airdrop for its users. Erik Marks, a senior software engineer, said that they are also working on new features for the wallet like 2 layer solution and assets bridged across different chains.

Mark added that the team doesn’t want to create a new token because It doesn’t have the use case. Rather, team wants the “use case to be compelling.” Marks also expressed concerns about the possibility of a pump and dump. Marks explained that an ICO would “benefit the community because it would immediately pump” but also expressed concerns that “some people will sell it, and it will be dumped.”

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