Meta starts testing crypto payments
Meta starts testing crypto payments on WhatsApp

Meta starts testing crypto payments on WhatsApp backed by its Novi wallet

Meta starts testing crypto payments on WhatsApp through its Novi wallet. Head of Novi and crypto at Meta has revealed this news through his Twitter handle. He further said that sending money to family and friends will be like sending a message.

The Crypto market has been expanding like no other market in the past two years. This sudden rise of the crypto market has forced institutions to invest in it. Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has been interested in the crypto market. Coinbase, Meta, and Paxos have launched a digital currency project in October. Meta has also been working on its crypto wallet, Novi. As announced yesterday, Meta starts testing crypto payments on Whatsapp through its Novi wallet.

Meta starts testing crypto payments on WhatsApp:

On December 8, the head of Meta’s crypto and fintech unit Novi, Stephan Kasrie, has announced that Meta is going to test crypto payments with the backing of Novi wallet. He also said that a limited number of users in the United States will be able to send and receive money on WhatsApp. He further explained that sending payments will be as easy as sending messages to family and friends.

Meta starts testing crypto payments
Source: Tweet

Kasriel noted that Meta has been able to test and learn which features and functionalities are “most important to people” since they introduced the Novi pilot in mid-October. He added that using Novi doesn’t affect the privacy of WhatsApp personal messages and calls, “which are always end-to-end encrypted.” In my opinion, initiatives like these are very interesting and helpful as they resolve many issues related to sending payments.

Meta starts testing crypto payments despite many challenges. I hope this project of Meta comes out soon and helps people to save time wasted in the transaction of money.

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