Meta is going to introduce a “personal boundary” tool to guard against harassment in Metaverse

Meta is going to introduce a personal boundary tool to guard against harassment in metaverse space. This tool will help the users’ avatar to stay 4 feet away from other avatars, according to an announcement from the firm.

The buzzword ‘Metaverse’ is expanding as more firms have started to take interest in the growing space. Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is leading the way. Recently a female complained that she was gang-raped in a virtual conference. After this incidence, many cases of this kind have been reported by the users. Meta came up with a solution to this problem. Meta is going to introduce an anti-harassment tool for user safety in the virtual world.

Meta is going to introduce a “personal boundary” tool:

Meta is going to launch a ‘personal boundary’ tool that will make users feel like they have nearly four feet between their virtual avatar and others when they access the immersive Horizon Worlds and Horizon Venues apps through VR headsets. The firm has explained that this tool will help users to avoid unwanted interactions in the space. Horizon Worlds, an expansive VR social platform, and Horizon Venues, which is focused on virtual events, are early iterations of metaverse-like spaces.

Meta is going to introduce

Meta is going to introduce this new tool for users’ safety but at the same time shares of the firm dropped 26% in value in a single day. The volatility in the stock market is hitting the firms hard. For now, the company noted users will have to “extend their arms to be able to high-five or fist bump other people’s avatars.”

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