Matrix NFT Avatar

Matrix NFT Avatar will be launched by the Warner Bros with surprising blue pill and red pill options

The American mass media and entertainment firm, Warner Bros plans to launch Matrix NFT Avatar with blue pill and red pill options for their upcoming film “The Matrix Resurrections”. The firm will drop 100,000 Matrix Resurrection NFTs, starting from November 30, 2021.  

NFT market is growing very fast and attracting people from different fields like sports, music, art, and entertainment. The American mass media and entertainment conglomerate is going to launch another NFT based campaign after the success of Space Jam NFTs. Space Jam NFTs were originated from “Space Jam: A NEW Legacy” in which famous Looney Tunes character and LeBron James starred.

Matrix NFT Avatar will be launched by the Warner Bros:

Matrix NFT Avatar will be launched insight of the upcoming film “The Matrix Resurrection” by Warner Bros. The film will be launched on December 22 but the NFT drop will start on November 30 in a partnership with Nifty’s. After the launch of Matrix NFT Avatar drop on November 30, the owner of these drops will be able to use the blue pill and red pill options. The person who will take the blue pill will remain in the Matrix but if the red pill is taken, NFTs will transform.

Matrix NFT Avatar
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This upcoming movie is the new version of the movie “The Matrix Revolution” released 19 years ago. Warner Bros. has joined several big-name entertainment firms like Fox, Lionsgate, Dolphin, and ViacomCBS. The entertainment companies WWE and UFC, firms that are focused on specific sports such as professional wrestling and mixed martial arts have also jumped in on the NFT space,

In my opinion, the projects like these will help the NFT marketplace to grow and improve. The fans of the Matrix will enjoy the Matrix NFT Avatar. For more content please click here.

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