Manhattan Married couple arrested in Bitcoin laundering case

On Tuesday, a married couple has been detained by law enforcement officials for possessing and trying to launder $US4.5 billion (Today $6.3 billion) worth of Bitcoin. 31 years old Heather Morgan and Ilya Lichtenstein, 34 are social media influencers and they are accused of possessing 119,754 Bitcoin.

The discovered digital currency belongs to Bitfinex, a digital currency exchange platform run by iFinex Inc. and it was stolen in 2016 crypto hacks of Bitfinex. 

married couple
The arrested married couple Source: Twitter

Married Couple arrested:

In 2016, Bitfinex a digital currency exchange lost $US4.5 billion worth of digital assets, and these assets have been recently discovered by US law enforcement officials from a Manhattan married couple. It is revealed that the crypto stolen in 2016 hacks was transferred to the couple’s wallet through different laundering methods to hide the fact that they were stolen. The trial was held in Washington. Heather Morgan was set to bail at $US3 million while for Ilya Lichtenstein, the amount was $US5 million.

These assets were stolen when the price of one Bitcoin was $US610 and now it is trading above $US44000. Those users who lost their cryptocurrencies are now demanding it back. Bitfinex stated that they will follow the standard legal process to return these assets.

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