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Major Crypto Exchanges Went Offline as Cloudflare Suffered Outage

Cloudflare went down again earlier today, taking many cryptocurrency exchange websites with it.

Earlier today, web infrastructure platform Cloudflare suffered another major outage causing half of the Internet to collapse, crippling major communication platforms and crypto exchanges, including Discord and FTX.

Major Crypto Exchange Stopped Working

During the Cloudflare outage, which lasted for 25 minutes, crypto users who tried to access the websites of service providers like FTX, Bitfinex, CoinMarketCap, and OKX, were met with a “500 Internal Server Error” message.

Many crypto exchanges warned their users via twitter

Interestingly, the Cloudflare outage did not affect a few crypto exchanges, including Binance. When asked why Binance was still up and running during the downtime, the company’s CEO Changpeng Zhao said :

That Not First Time

This isn’t the first time Cloudflare has suffered an outage that affected crypto websites. In August 2020, another similar incident brought Bitfinex and several other major websites to a brief pause. Last week, the platform reported a downtime that affected websites in some parts of the world.

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Cloudflare to Set Ethereum Validator Nodes

Meanwhile, Cloudflare recently announced support for Ethereum Gateway to allow users to read and write access to the Ethereum network without installing any software on their devices.

The web infrastructure platform also plans to launch a fully stake ETH validator node in the coming months to support Ethereum’s POS transition.

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