Luno survey

Luno survey finds 83.7 percent of users still bullish on Bitcoin

Luno survey finds that 83.7% of users are bullish on Bitcoin and believe that in the next few months they will be seeing a Bitcoin price rally. The research found out that 59.4% of participants believe that BTC will cross $100,000 by the end of this year.

For a better understanding of the crypto market, surveys and studies are held. Luno is an organization that conducts surveys to know the sentiment of people about the market. Recently, Luno has surveyed between August 20 and September 20. A total of 1870 people participated in this survey. The participants were from different countries like UK, Indonesia, Malaysia, and South Africa.

Luno survey

Luno survey findings:

Luno survey participants were asked to share their thoughts about Bitcoin and Altcoins (like BCH, XRP, ETH) as well. The study suggests that the participants from these four countries were bullish on Bitcoin. Luno survey finds that 83.7% of people are bullish on Bitcoin’s Resurgence. The Luno survey explained in the blog saying:

While 64.5% of our South African users are most optimistic about bitcoin, Ethereum is second at 55.4%, followed by XRP (28.6%), bitcoin cash (25.9%), and Litecoin (17.8%). Meanwhile, although Malaysian and British customers both share a strong enthusiasm for bitcoin, they’re most optimistic about Ethereum. Nearly 70% of Malaysian customers are feeling optimistic about Ethereum, with 75% of investors in Great Britain sharing the same sentiment.

Luno survey also found out that 38% of the participants who have a better understanding of long-term investment want to hodl their investment. While 28% of the respondents do consider themselves day traders, the blog still concludes that the idea of bitcoin as something you’re in the long haul for seems to have certainly taken root.

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