Low Crypto Prices Affect the Miners Badly

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Since late 2021, Bitcoin mining profitability has been falling and hit several-month lows in early July 2022 as the BTC price fell. Bitcoin (BTC) mining profitability has risen since October 2020, a new low of $0.07 per day for 1 terahash per second (TH/s) on July 1, 2022, according to statistics from cryptocurrency monitoring website Bitinfocharts. reached its lowest level since.

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Bitcoin prices dropped below $20,000 yesterday, reaching a level not seen in about six weeks and has not recovered since. Then, as other data from TradingView showed, the cryptocurrency continued to decline and consistently dropped below $19,000.

The global crypto market cap plunged below the $1 trillion barrier as US Federal President Jerome Powell’s hawkish remarks spread on Friday. Major cryptocurrencies were all trading negative. Bitcoin price fluctuated, as Google Trends showed demand for the word “bitcoin”.

In the 24 hours leading up to Monday morning, Ethereum price dropped 3.47 percent to $1,446.47. Like Bitcoin, the price of Ethereum came under heavy selling pressure and fell. It has now rebounded a bit and is now trading at a premium where it started the day.

Impact on miners


Due to the decline in cryptocurrency values, miners had to liquidate their holdings to cover the cost of their continued mining operations and keep the lights on. Most major cryptocurrency mining companies, including Core Scientific, have had to sell significant amounts of Bitcoin to survive in the current market.

 In April, Riot Blockchain raised nearly $10 million with the sale of 250 BTC. As the year progresses, Core Scientific is selling the money, and the company has assured investors that this trend “must continue.” Investors were also informed that Marathon Digital is ready to sell the tokens “as needed for treasury management”. Cathedra liquidated 235 BTC in May to “reduce its risk and improve its financial position.”

According to Jaran Mellerud, an analyst at Arcane Research, miners are under pressure to sell some of their bitcoins. According to Arcane, miners hold a total of 800,000 bitcoins, making them one of the largest groups of bitcoin owners.

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