Landshare – Bringing Real Estate to Blockchain

Landshare is a real estate tokenization platform that combines the power of real estate and DeFi to convert real-world properties into liquid asset classes through the use of special security tokens.


Real Estate tokenization is the representation of traditional real estate assets on a blockchain or distributed ledger technology and offering fractional ownership of those assets to investors. It is a low-risk high-yield investment opportunity with endless potential to evolve in the coming years.

A recent study estimate that the tokenized real estate market could be worth $1.4 trillion in the next five years. But then, the existing tokenized real estate platforms are not easily accessible as they claim.

Landshare’s upcoming Tokenized assets feature solves this problem by eliminating the high entry-level, low liquidity and enormous capital investment barrier, offering investors a chance to own a stake in the industry without having to overstretch themselves financially.

Landshare will directly expose investors to real estate assets hosted on blockchain technology. It is integrated into the DeFi ecosystem on BSC, which means its native token (Land token) can be used in any third party BSC DeFi protocol.

What is Landshare? 


Landshare is a decentralized finance (DeFi) real estate tokenization platform that’s offering a hassle-free alternative to traditional real estate investments. Landshare is offering investors a way to legally own a share of blockchain-based properties and gain direct exposure to assets on-chain.

Investors can also earn DeFi yield farming rewards with the BUSD Property Vault and Landshare Token staking.

How does it work?


Source: A General Model Of Asset Tokenization (otonomos.com)

The platform will operate based on the General Model of Asset Tokenization (shown in the picture above).

When investors purchase a tokenized real estate asset, they are not exactly buying the property, rather they are acquiring a share of the Limited Liability Company (LLC) that owns the assets which in this case is Landshare management Company. 


The Landshare Tokens bought by investors will represent ownership of Landshare’s Management Company (the LLC that owns the assets). 

All assets on the platform will be maintained and managed by Landshare on behalf of the token holders. In return, investors will pay management fees to Landshare for the services rendered. 

The Landshare token will use a modified ERC20 standard protocol that will restrict transfers to a selected list of whitelisted addresses.

Addresses of users who do not complete KYC registration will not be whitelisted and they will not be able to buy, sell or transfer tokens.


  1. An asset owned by the LLC will be tokenized and listed on the Landshare Tokenized feature
  1. Potential investors perform KYC and get whitelisted to ensure legal compliance
  1. Whitelisted users purchase asset tokens directly from the Landshare platform using BUSD
  1. Token holders receive a monthly BUSD payout representing their share of the asset’s profits.
  1. The tokens can be sold back to the platform (restrictions may apply) or distributed to another whitelisted user using a third party token exchange service

N.B: All token transfers on the Landshare platform (buying or selling asset tokens) would incur a LAND token fee.


  1. Build a real estate portfolio on blockchain

Landshare Tokenized assets feature allows Investors to build a blockchain-based real estate portfolio by providing on-chain ownership and rental income through tokenized LLCs.

  1. Grow your investment

The price for each token is derived from the asset, enabling direct real estate exposure on blockchain technology.

  1. Collect Rent

The monthly rental income from all the properties on the platform is added together and shared among token holders as BUSD or Landshare tokens.

  1. Hassle-Free

The platform is built to function seamlessly. Your blockchain-based real estate portfolio is managed for you so you don’t have to worry about maintenance, finding tenants, and collecting rents.

  1. Fully Tokenized

Each real estate asset is held by a tokenized LLC, meaning your ownership is represented by a unique security token in your BSC wallet.

  1. Stablecoin Vault

Investors can stake stablecoin (BUSD) in Landshare’s property Vault to earn both Land token and stablecoin (BUSD) in return (between 30-50% APR).

  1. Staking

The staking feature allows investors to stake and earn Landshare Tokens.

Other Features

  1. Dual-Reward System

Investors have the option of claiming their reward as BUSD or Landshare tokens.

  1. Crowdfunded House flipping

With Crowdfunded house flipping pools, users are presented with an opportunity to invest in the renovation and resale of housing projects that will be managed by Landshare team. 

  1. Governance Protocols

Users who own Landshare tokens will have greater influence on the platform as they will have a say on DeFi 

components of the platform, such as fees, collateral rates, and APR.

Can I sell my assets on Landshare’s platform? 

Yes, third party real estate investors are allowed to sell their assets on Landshare. If you own an asset and would like to sell it through tokenization, all you have to do is contact admin@landshare.io.

Landshare Token 


Landshare token is the native coin/currency of the platform specifically created to support existing and upcoming features i.e entry into Crowdfunded House flipping pools, staking and purchasing assets.


  • Total supply cap: 10 million 
  • Initial circulating supply: 171,375 
  • Initial market cap: $342,750
TokensPercentage TokenPriceReleaseUpfront ReleaseStartsafter Releaseamount
Seed Round1,000,00010%$0.35%1 month10% monthly
Seedify Presale187,5001.875%$0.833%1 month33% monthly
SuperlauncherIDO150,0001.5%$133%1 month33% monthly
Team1,500,00015%N/A0%3 month10% monthly
Advisors500,0005%N/A2%1 monthN/A (reserve)
LockedLiquidity75,0000.75%$2.00%5 month100% 

Closing thoughts:

Real estate tokenization, aided by the increased surge in the crypto adoption rate will undoubtedly grow to become one of the biggest and most profitable investment ventures in the world.

Landshare’s upcoming Tokenized assets feature is a great opportunity to join the industry and start building your blockchain-based real estate empire while the entry level is still low. 

For more information, please visit their website and social media pages.

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Whitepaper | Coingecko 

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