KYVE Incorporates Stacks, The First Step In A Bitcoin Ecosystem 

The Bitcoin ecosystem symbolizes a group of technical factors that can communicate with each other to build a system that executes a particular function. The Bitcoin ecosystem includes a series of governing structures and the ecosystem includes funding, ownership of data, individual participation and distribution of information, e.t.c.

Technology corporations support the ecosystem to enable accessibility to decentralization, transparency, immutability, accountability, and flexibility. There are three types of blockchain-based ecosystems Single party-led, Joint Venture Ecosystem, and Regulatory Blockchain Ecosystem.

KYVE is a protocol that runs as a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation. KYVE is powered by Decentralized archives, and its validators are funded by the native token of the KYVE platform, which is $KYVE.

Stacks works as an ecosystem with an assortment of various independent developers, entities, and also the members of the community. All of them work together to establish the internet which is entirely owned by its users.

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The native currency of Stack is STX. STX is liable for powering the activities in the network as well as executing the contracts of the Stacks ecosystem. People who hold STX can obtain or earn Bitcoin rewards by locking or stacking their digital holdings.

KYVE has successfully incorporated Stacks to register its entry into the Bitcoin ecosystem. Through this incorporation, KYVE will be independent, which means it won’t have to rely on anyone to obtain data from the blockchain. The KYVE network will organise data on the Bitcoin Network which will make it easier and efficient for KYVE to access data.

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