Justin Bieber Pays $1.3M for Bored Ape NFT

American pop superstar Justin Bieber splashed over one million dollars on a non-fungible (NFT) token from the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. 

Based on the floor price, the particular NFT, Ape #3001, bought by the musician, is believed to have to be worth significantly less than the 500 ETH (worth  $1.3 million) that was paid since it doesn’t have any rare traits. However, the renowned hitmaker opted to buy it anyway.

Bored Ape
Ape #3001

As the most expensive NFT collection on the web, the actual floor price of Bored Ape NFTs is pegged at just over 100 ETH. 

Justin Bieber joins a sacred list of celebrities who own at least one piece of Bored Ape NFTs, including legendary rapper Eminem and Tennis superstar Serena Williams.The entire collection owned by Yuga Labs is minted on Ethereum’s blockchain and reportedly contains 10,000 distinct images.

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