John Cena bemoans low WWE NFTs sales

Famous American wrestler John Cena claims that his first attempt at selling WWE NFTs failed as reports say only 7.4% of the total collection sold.

“I talk a lot about failure — this idea failed,” said Cena. “Myself and the folks in the WWE thought $1,000 was a fair price point. We were wrong. We were absolutely wrong.” John Cena said while attending the  Florida Supercon 2021.

John Cena and the WWE collaborated to launch two tiers of NFTs for the wrestler. But the outcome was far from what the organizers expected.

Wwe nfts

Expressing his disappointment at the low sales John Cena said  “We sold 37 of them. It was a catastrophic failure.”

Despite the horrific sales record of the WWE NFT, the platinum NFT, which gives unrestricted access to the upcoming Wrestlemania 38 and 39 was auctioned for $21,000. 

NFT is proving its worth in terms of sale for some other entities and will most likely come good for wrestling too sooner or later.

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