Jetfuel Finance: An Honest Review

Are you bothered by the whales buying every new project at launch and pushing the prices momentarily? Of course, it does. Not only this, it reasons a rapid dump in prices but also snatches the opportunity from regular buyers to buy at a concrete price.

Introduction to Jetfuel Finance:

Jetfuel Finance with its ‘Fair launch’ feature provides a handy solution to this problem. The goal of the fair launch is to allow users to enter into the acquisition of tokens under the same conditions, which has traditionally led to fewer ‘whales’ dominating token supplies. That is not the only perk of Jetfuel.

Jetfuel Finance is a fair-launch deflationary yield farming ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It combines exciting new features of other projects like; Harvest/Yearn (yield optimization), Compound/Venus (credit/lending), RFI/Vapor (transactional tax/auto liquidity/passive yield), Uniswap/Pancakeswap (automated market maker), as well as a staking platform in an all-in-one DeFi ecosystem.

Being on BSC empowers Jetfuel Finance to have 50 times fewer fees and more than 50 times faster than Ethereum. Jetfuel includes wallets that automatically compound a user’s deposits, farms, that rewards users with FUEL tokens, FUEL token staking, which rewards users with more FUEL tokens plus other passive rewards, a launchpad for projects looking to fundraise and keep more of their raised funds, and two soon to be released projects.

Tokenomics of JetFuel Finance:

Jetfuel has three key distinctions when it comes to tokenomics:

  • There was no pre-sale
  • There was no mining
  • There was no Token Allocation

FUEL has a total supply of 129,150 FUELS and a circulating supply of 72,800 tokens. The supply of FUEL will always keep decreasing as from 2% transaction fee, half is burned forever. Rest 1% is added to the liquidity pools called Hanger Reserves.

10% of the circulating supply (7500) has already burned forever to decrease the selling pressure and strengthen the organic growth over time.

Tokenomics of JetFuel Finance

Surprisingly, to justify the ‘Fair Launch’ no tokens are allocated for the developers or founders however the team will benefit from a 2.5% fee of daily emissions and un-staking fees. So, during the farming period, the dev team will receive a total of 3,150 Fuel Tokens.

Future Roadmap:

  1. Launch ✅
  2. FUEL Farming✅
  3. Staking of JETS for FUEL and other coins ✅
  4. NFT Give away ✅
  5. Vaults ✅
  6. Launchpad ✅
  7. GFORCE Introduction ✅
  8. Fortress Lending Protocol✅
  9. JetSwap AMM Decentralized Exchange✖️
  10. Introduction of additional staking coins✅
  11. Jetfuel Accelerator & Grant Program✖️
  12. Jetfuel on Ethereum✖️

Critic Analysis:

According to Jetfuel Audits, all tokens are BEP20 compliant and the FuelToken contract has minting functionality, however, the proper setup is done and the contract owner is MasterFuel contract.

Audit by Jetfuel Finance

There is a medium-level issue in the code as it divides before multiplying which can reduce precision later and has a risk of reentrancy.

According to Scamadvisor, the official website has a potential trust score of 65% which is average and can be considered low risk. The website’s owner is hiding his identity on WHOIS using a paid service and the website is a recent launch (8 months) having no SSL certifications apparently.

Do you think the project has potential and serves the community in any way? let us know in the comment section below.

Do not consider this report as investment advice, DYOR.

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