Is ETH 2 the real ETH Killer

Is ETH 2 the real ETH Killer? a new research paper by Coinbase evaluates Ethereum

Coinbase has presented a new research paper titled ‘is ETH 2 the real ETH killer?’. David Duong of Coinbase has examined the outlook for Ethereum in the face of competition from rival layer 1 smart contract platforms.

The introduction of the Ethereum blockchain was a revolution in the crypto market. The firm introduced smart contracts and DeFi concepts in the crypto market but the platform has been facing issues in terms of scalability and high gas fees. The head of institutional research at Coinbase has published a paper titled ‘Is ETH 2 the real ETH killer?’ Paper examines the outlook for Ethereum.

Is ETH 2 the real ETH Killer?

According to the report titled ‘is ETH 2 the real ETH killer?’, high gas fees and scalability issues have allowed its Competitors to receive significant attention last year. But if we look at the statistics then Ethereum blockchain is still leading the market with a total value locked of $156 billion across 214 projects. The real question here is what will be the future once ETH 2 is here.

Is ETH 2 the real ETH Killer

The author of the report and team believe that after the unveiling of Ethereum 2.0, there will still be room for multiple chains to coexist in the crypto space. The report has presented many reasons for this belief. The author has said that the timeline for the ETH 2 shifted so layer 1 can come up with something better.

Second, scalability is only one problem affecting networks. At the moment, users or investors may not be focused on issues like maximal extractable value (MEV), but as these ecosystems grow, such problems may warrant changes to the governance mechanisms of L1 chains.

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