Innovative NFT platform

Innovative NFT platform is being launched by the SportIcon to connect fans with athlete content

Innovative NFT platform is being launched by the SportsIcon which will connect fans and superfans to their sporting heroes with bespoke cinematic footage delivered by NFTs. SportsIcon has built a partnership with Mexican wrestling company Lucha Libre and soccer club PUMAS.

Innovative NFT platform is being launched by the SportIcon:

SportsIcon is an innovative NFT platform built on flow, engineered by Roham Gharegozlou and Dapper Labs. As we all know NFTs have secured their place in the crypto market in the last two years through a massive adoption. Flow, the blockchain behind NBA Top Shot, is a blockchain protocol designed specifically for NFTs and provides a highly scalable architecture with low transaction fees.

Innovative NFT platform is aiming to deliver more value to NFT lovers by issuing sports-focused NFTs with direct collaboration with the athletes and in fewer transaction fees than conventional blockchain. There will be a creation of 27 NFTs for each athlete featured in 9 chapters through this direct collaboration. This innovative NFT platform, SportsIcon, will film each episode with the top cinematic quality that will focus on the ups, downs, and motivation behind the athlete’s journey.

Innovative NFT platform
The image of SportsIcon collaboration’s with different sports teams and individuals

SportsIcon will be releasing 27 NFTs created in collaboration with these athletes and sporting brands to commemorate specific, historical moments in their sporting careers. Each NFT art will be auctioned off, and NFT collectors will be able to purchase them from $10 to $999. The partnership of this innovative NFT platform includes the star players like Romelu Lukaku and NFL legend Mike Vick.

The Mexican wrestling company Lucha Libre and soccer club PUMAS have also teamed up with the SportsIcon.  SportsIcon Lion Club NFT has generated more than $1.4 million in less than 14 hours in sales. SportsIcon Lions is an innovative project designed to bring more fans into the online sporting community with real utility, such as tickets for soccer games, NBA, NFL, and more.

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