I optimized BTC

I optimized BTC code in 2011, Ripple CTO admits his involvement

Ripple CTO, David Schwartz admitted the claims of Tiffany Hayden and said that I optimized BTC code in 2011. The Creator of BTC choose the team of developers to optimize the BTC code in 2011.

The journey of the Crypto market started when Satoshi Nakamoto created the flagship currency, BTC. Throughout this journey, BTC has been accused of many things. It was called a scam at first, a payment tool for drug dealers, and whatnot. The creator of the BTC chose a list of developers to optimize the code of the asset. Gavin Andersen is the developer who was picked personally by Satoshi Nakamoto.

I optimized BTC code in 2011:

A supporter of the XRP, Tiffany Hayden, found on Github that David Schwartz was among those group of developers who modified the BTC code. Tiffany revealed this story in 2017. David was asked on Twitter whether he was among those developers or not. He admitted and said that I optimized the BTC code back in 2011.

I optimized BTC

n 2012, Andresen became one of the directors of the nonprofit Bitcoin Foundation, which was built to restore Bitcoin’s reputation after it was claimed as a payment tool for criminals and drug dealers.  In 2011, David Schwartz, Jed McCaleb, and Arthur Britto started working on XRP Ledger, inspired by Bitcoin but hoping to make a better version of it. Chris Larsen then joined them, and they founded OpenCoin, later rebranded as Ripple Labs. “I optimized BTC in 2011” is a revelation for Ripple supporter.

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