Huobi global teams up

Huobi global teams up with Dfinity to boost web3 development

Huobi global teams up with Dfinity to boost web3 development, according to today’s press release of the firm. Huobi incubator aims to utilize the internet computer of the Dfinity and develop web3 dapps, DeFi, Games, NFTs, Social Media, and Metaverse projects.   

The buzzword, web3, is making a stir in the whole world. The criticism of the big names like Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey created hype. But if we look closely then we can see something really interesting happening in this space. One of the largest crypto exchanges like Huobi is taking interest in this realm. A full cycle project incubator that integrates industry research for Huobi, Huobi incubator has secured a partnership with Dfintiy.

Huobi global teams up with Dfinity:

Huobi global teams up with Dfinity, a company known for its contribution to the internet computer, according to the project incubation arm of the firm. Internet computer is the most powerful general-purpose blockchain to build infinitely scalable web3 dapps. Huobi global teams up with Dfinity to boost the internet-based web3 Dapps, DeFi, Games, NFTs, Social Media, and Metaverse projects.

Huobi global teams up

Huobi incubator also aims to assist with internet computers’ native asset transfer and multi-chain deployments for web3 projects that require it. This partnership also reflects Huobi Incubator’s confidence in the Internet Computer’s rapidly growing ecosystem since Genesis launch last May. According to the Electric Capital Developer Report, the Internet Computer is one of the fastest-growing developer ecosystems in 2021 — growing 368%.

The collaboration between Huobi Incubator and DFINITY will involve the latter lending support for a global hackathon in May 2022 called “Supernova”, which is aimed at promoting and supporting entrepreneurs and developer teams building next-generation Web3 dapps on the Internet Computer.

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