Hoskinson Talks Up Cardano’s Edge over Other Smart Contract Blockchains Amid DeFi Fraud reports

Charles Hoskinson believes Cardano’s blockchain is far more secure than all smart contract blockchains, including Ethereum.

The American software developer and entrepreneur used the recent assault on MonoX and BaderDAO as reference.

Over $150 million was lost between both DeFi projects within this week. MonoX lost $30 million as a result, while BaderDAO incurred losses of around $120 million.

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Hoskinson says the raid could have been avoided if MonoX and BaderDAO’s smart contract blockchains were written with a more secure programming language, insinuating that Cardano’s Putus could have prevented the attack.

“This is exactly why Plutus was written for Cardano. Good languages and tooling work with the developer and audit, enabling them to write great and secure code. Bad languages load and hand them the gun that they shoot themselves with,” – Hoskinson.

Charles Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano and co-founder of Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world.

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