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Hip Hop legend Jay Z NFT: More celebrities becoming crypto punks?

Jay Z NFT is now available for auction which started on 25 June and will end by July 2. Jay Z and Jack Dorsey announced to introduce NFTs capabilities to the “Tidal”, a music streaming service, Jay Z was a partner with Sotheby’s auction of NFT called” Heir to Throne”. 

After a cricket legend Shoaib Akhtar, Now a legend from music has dived into the ocean of NFTs. Recently, Jay Z changed his Twitter profile to Cryptopunk #6095. Many people agreed that the star has bought a unique Cryptopunk to his Jay Z NFT collection. According to today’s exchange rate of Ethereum, NFT was sold for 55 ether which will be $155k.

Image credit: Sotheby’s Instagram. This work by Derrick Adams is inspired by the album cover of ‘Reasonable Doubt’ and is offered at auction as a non-fungible token.

Cryptopunk is not only the Jay Z NFT collection. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Jay Z both have a huge stake in the music streaming platform ”Tidal”. This week both these entrepreneurs discussed the blockchain and NFT. Jay Z was impressed by the transparency of the blockchain. During the discussion, Jay Z remembered that how a painting was sold for some grand and then resold for $100k. He added that the original artist or his family could have gotten profit from the resale of the painting.

Icon assessed that how bitcoin has changed the dynamic and Jack agreed. Jack Dorsey said in reply:

“You look at Bitcoin and how it enables people anywhere in the world to contribute and to become artists themselves and also to receive tips or grants or donations without having to go through any third parties, there’s a lot of power in that”.

Jack and Jay Z both were excited to announce that artists will be able to get the right tools and build the music through NFTs. Both looked happy and eager to help the artists for small businesses.

People follow their stars, This news will bring more people to the crypto and encourage the existing ones.

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